Kremer Porsche 911 turbo (934) Le Mans 1976, driver's door

Being offered the outer face of a Porsche 911 driver's door I decided to convert it into a replica of the one of the Kremer Porsche 934 that Didier shared with Marie-Claude Beaumont and the late Bob Wollek at the 1976 edition of the Le Mans 24 hrs race. With spraypainting such a big item always being kind of a problem I tried wrapping the door in special "car foliation" film. It was not that simple but with a lot of patience, even more fits of rage and the help of a powerful hairdryer I finally managed to produce a result that looks fine. At least from a certain distance.

With the help of good friends and a fellow enthusiast the ELF sticker and the starting number were produced, the other stickers were ordered at online shops.
A funny thing is the light to illuminate the starting number, according to photos of the actual car it already looked quite big but when I finally received the an item, (found a kind of licence plate lighting on ebay), I could hardly believe that they really put these absolute anti-aerodynamic blocks on a racecar. But still it seems correct.

And some arty detail shots featuring a 1/43rd model of the car

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