About this website

This website exists already already more than 25(!) years and has since developed a lot.

In the beginning it was at some weird address on Compuserve, remember that? (Then you are probably a true enthusiast or a good friend. Or both...)

This website is clearly non-commercial, its sole purpose is to keep up the memory of an exceptional person.

There's nothing for sale but if you're looking for something I'll keep my eyes open.

See it as a meeting point for enthusiasts, as a place that has a bit more information than Wikipedia on what I have to admit is a relatively specific topic.

Feel free to contact me, I'm open to suggestions, questions, discussions but spare me with your hate mails, especially if you don't agree with my opinion that Pironi did NOT kill Gilles Villeneuve, ok? Take a nice cup of stick-it-up-yours instead.

Oh, and as I had to experience this strange situation already more than once:
Me, I am not Didier Pironi.
Mr. Pironi died in 1987 and as a result he is not able to write autographs anymore. Plz, get informed about the person you're asking an autograph off otherwise it may be a bit ridiculous...

By the way, this website is hosted from Germany. With support from England, France, Brazil, the US, Denmark, Austria, Italy, from around the world.

Mail : info@didierpironi.net