Reader's corner: Books

There's not many books that deal exclusively with Didier Pironi and only of them has been published in English language...

That's 'Didier - Dreams And Nightmares', published in 2004 by Lorie Coffey & Jan Möller. The app. 250 pages cover all of Didier's career and a large statistics part.

'Lettre à Didier' (French text) has been written by Catherine Goux, Didier's widow, almost directly after his fatal accident. It is a very personal book, in fact a long letter to Didier.

Finally we have Martine Camus' A4 softback book 'La flêche Brisée' (The broken arrow) that has many photos and some very interesting contributions by Didier's contemporaries such as René Arnoux, Richard Dallest, Tico Martini or Jacques Laffite.
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